Livable Futures fosters creative, collective thinking and doing in the context of planetary change and unpredictability.

We take seriously the understanding that planetary change is upon us and with us, permanently and irrevocably. What, then, can we do as artists, scholars, scientists to take action? We enthusiastically take up scholar and activist Adrienne Maree Brown’s galvanizing question:

“How do we turn our collective full-bodied attention toward collaboration, if that is the way we will survive?”

The planetary change implied in the Anthropocene urges us toward cooperative thinking and learning, public dialog, emergent strategies, creative responses, non-competitive critical thinking, and innovative approaches.


Livable Futures sponsors the creation and sharing of new works of art and performance that model the Livable Futures emphasis on bodily, material and technological experience as central to anthropecenic solution stories and resilience in conditions of precarity.

Creative Facilitation, Field Schools, and Innovative Teaching and Learning

We love non-traditional teaching, conferencing, creative facilitations and active pedagogy. Join our events to get ideas or propose your own. Check out our events to get involved!


Livable Futures is a community of practice. We invite you to connect and create. Learn about our latest allied media trainings, performances, workshops, retreats, fields schools and more.

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