Livable Futures is a community of practice. We invite you to connect and create. Learn about our latest performances, workshops, trainings, reading groups, fields schools and more.

We are a grassroots network of artists, scholars and activist seeking to share resources and foster creative solutions to survival under planetary conditions of unpredictability and crisis. Livable Futures projects are collaborative; they integrate artistic, scientific and humanistic methods and practices; and they are inclusive and socially responsive.

We are inspired by the work of adrienne maree brown who calls for new imaginative approaches to social justice and ecological recovery and we start our work from these questions:

  • What do livable futures look like to you?

  • What practices are sustaining you and how can you share those practices with others?

We just funded ten new creative, collaborative projects responding to these questions and we hope they will inspire and engage you. Read our COMMUNITY biogs below and our BLOG for more. Stay tuned for updates and join us for our upcoming events!

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