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April Climate Gathering

  • ACCAD Motion Lab: Sullivant Hall, Rm 349 1813 North High Street Columbus, OH 43210 (map)


Climate Gatherings integrate performance and community dialog to turn toward climate change and create space for learning, feeling, and action. At the heart of each Climate Gathering is a one-hour interactive sound and movement performance that brings audiences into a charged and charismatic space of connection and community. Performers include an unpredictable high priestess of noise and movement, two dancers who move only in perfect unison, a digital flautist, a DJ and percussionist, a sound processing laptop composer, and an Antarctic expedition tent. By bringing climate change into the scale of the body and sensation, we create a space for both grief and communion.

Request an Invitation to Attend

The event is FREE, but admittance is by invitation. Audiences are intentionally kept small so the experience can be as immersive as possible. To attend, please complete the participation survey to request an invitation.


Small Audiences Facilitate Immersive Experiences

Audiences are kept small and everyone is immersed in the work and given cards guiding them into multiples ways to engage with the work and participate. The piece sutures together maxims and practices of artistic improvisers with fragments from stories of ice, shifting, racial and gender injustice, landscapes, polar bears, and extreme events. Improvisation, because it demands adaptability as well as alert and flexible attention, serves as both material and metaphor for resilience: a strategy for survival in a world in flux.

In each site where the work is performed, we gather stories and data relevant to the specific location and carry them forward to the next gathering.